Menu Ideas Breakfast, Lunch, Snack

These are two days on a cycle menu for the Summer which are pre-approved to meet the CACFP Meal Pattern.  We pulled them from the CACFP Menu Planning Guide.  The Luigi's Lasagna and Sloppy Sammies are linked to previous posts with the recipes and how we made them.


1% or Fat Free Milk



1% or Fat Free Milk

Banana Slices



1% or Fat Free Milk

Sloppy Sammies


1% or Fat Free Milk

Luigis Lasagna


Note: Luigis Lasagna and Sloppy Sammies fulfill: fruit/veggie requirement, grain requirement and meat/meat alternate requirement


Banana Slices

Whole Grain Bagel



Cheese Slices


Also, be sure to check out Stacy Ransom's post from last summer about using these cycle menus in her family child care program.


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