Making Pumpkin Pancakes with a Preschooler

Part of my #gimmefive challenge was to serve fruits and vegetables in new ways this month. Well, High Protein Pumpkin Pancakes, recipe from Super Healthy Kids, were a big hit in this house!  With both the almost 3 year old and the 11 month old.  They LOVE them.  We used pumpkin puree but you could certainly make it with a fresh pumpkin.  Here are some instructions of how to do that.

The first time we made them was such a success, we doubled the recipe the next time and my almost three year old helped me make them.  She can take part in each piece of the process and I took some pictures too.  Two parts she got to do that I couldn't photo document were cracking the eggs and even putting the first few pancake scoops on the hot pan.  She also cooks a lot in her child care so she is experienced with many of these skills from that environment.

I realize eggs and hot pans are controversial parts of cooking to do with little ones.  We washed her hands right after the egg cracking and then went back to our ingredients.  Why crack eggs? She loved feeling the eggs, seeing how hard she has to push before they crack and listening to the noise they made when they did crack!  Why hot pan? We worked on the importance of listening and what it means for the stove and pan to be hot.  We also worked on waiting patiently for something as it cooked.  Definitely involve the children in the parts that you are most comfortable with.

Put your patient hat on and take a chance and do some cooking with the children.  So many learning opportunities and it's so confidence inspiring for the adult and the child!

Disclaimer: This is written from a mom's perspective.


Samantha Marshall, M.A.

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