The Leadership Challenge Workshop for Head Start Directors and Managers

  • Orlando, Florida

In Orlando, FL.

"Do you aspire to achieve extraordinary things in your agency or community? Are you seeking an opportunity to acquire the tools for personal growth and leadership? Do you seek to promote a shared vision for your organization?

If you are, then this workshop is for you! Join us to explore “The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership,” James Kouzes & Barry Posner's evidence-based experiential model that starts with the premise that "leadership is everyone's business." As decades of their research have proven-and thousands of leadership case studies reveal - each of us has the capacity to lead and to make a difference. Our guiding principles include the belief that leadership development is self-development, that it takes practice, and that it is both an aspiration and a choice. Through a series of creative learning activities and exercises, this workshop will demystify the concept of leadership development and approach it as a measurable and learnable set of behaviors."