Now What?

This year’s election has undoubtedly had a profound impact on people across the country, including young children and their families.  It is to be expected that there will continue to be animosity from those whose campaigns were unsuccessful.  As someone who works with young children every day, think about what you can do to help restore a balance.

Professionally Speaking

Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s description of professional is:  relating to a job that requires special education, training, or skill.  Listening to a group of “professionals” recently had me reflecting on what exactly could be called professional about anything they were saying or for that matter, doing.  In a “profession,” is it possible to be professional in some areas and not in others?  Over the years I have come to realize there are many different definitions of what family child care providers call “quality, professional care” for children.   Although I won’t even try to put a definition to “quality or professional care,” I have found there are different levels family child care providers go through to reach their own definition of professionalism.  


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What Can We Do?

We’ve altered our plan somewhat – the recent events across the nation are something we simply can’t ignore.  As family child care providers, you have not just an opportunity to help young children develop relationships with people who are different from themselves; you have an obligation to provide tools so that perhaps these same children might not need the conversations about diversity that must happen now.  Following are some concrete steps you can take to help young children respect and value people who are different from themselves.

Summertime and the Living is Easy

At least that’s what songs about summer would have us believe.  There really are ways to make the “living easy” when you do summer child care and your group includes school age children.  If you read last month’s blog, you probably already have some activities planned that the children are looking forward to.  Here are some suggestions that are easy for you and help keep school age children active and happy.

Summertime Planning

Are you looking forward to summer or dreading the thought of having your schoolagers home all day for several weeks?  For many family child care providers, transitioning to summer is a mix of wondering how to keep everyone engaged and taking advantage of every minute of sunshine.  Yes, the infants and toddlers, especially, will still need a routine but thoughtful preparation can help make this a great experience for all the children in your care.  

Observations in Family Child Care (Part 3)

Skills Checklist, Portfolio and Environmental Observation.  This is the third and final installment of our discussion of observations in family child care. We hope you have been practicing and perhaps enjoying taking a more focused look at your program, your children in care, and your environment. This final month we will visit three more types of observation.