Collard Greens

Have you wanted to try collard greens but weren't sure why or how to make it?  Or do you love collard greens but seeking a healthier way to prepare them?  This is for you!  Collard greens are in their peak season from January to April - now is the time to work it into your menu.

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Find Seasonal Produce – 3 Guides to Help You

3 guides to help you determine what produce is in season!  Knowing what is in season will help your budget and help you purchase locally grown foods.  One guide helps you find out what is in season in your state, the other is a great database of many different types of veggies/fruits and another is a simple pdf print out for you!

Photo Credit: Flickr, Max Westby

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Soulful Seasoning

This seasoning can be added to any number of dishes to give it a soulful feeling.  There are 4 other recipes in the wonderful recipe book. Soulful Recipes: Building Healthy Traditions from Champions for Change.  A cookbook focusing on healthy African American traditions with food.  Get the seasoning recipe here and links to the cookbook!

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