The Power of Positive Thinking – You’ve Been Challenged

We are building the platform for the future! I challenge “YOU” to think of three positives a day; morning, noon, & night, start building your platform. It takes 28 days to form a habit. Start Now!  We are role models who should teach positive behaviors and encourage ways for families to practice those positive ways in the home. We place these values of respect, understanding, empathy and compassion in their lives every day. 

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It’s a Time of Transition

Summer is winding down and the school year is starting across the nation.  This is a big time for families and child care providers as children transition into preschool for the first time or are transition out of preschool and into Kindergarten!  Parents and children are learning how to say goodbye for extended periods of time.  Child care providers are saying goodbye to children who have been in their care for years.  The children are saying goodbye and looking ahead to meet a new teacher, be in a new place and meet new friends.  These transitions can be both difficult and exciting for each individual involved.  Below are some resources to help parents and caregivers with these big moments!

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Ice Activities to Do With Children

We may be gearing up for school and autumn but it's still so hot out!  We're still looking for fun outside activities and these Ice Activities from What's Up Moms, look like the perfect thing. Below you'll find the video created by What's Up Mom's as well as some photos of the activities and supplies listed in order to do them.