Child Care State Fact Sheets and a Licensing Database

Recently, Child Care Aware of America has had two big launches in regard to child care in the United States.

  • Checking In: A Snapshot of the Child Care Landscape: 2017 State Fact Sheets.  Child Care Aware of America releases these fact sheets annually.  The information reflected in the sheets is gathered from national and federal resources as well as state resource and referral agencies surveyed in 2017.  The data reflected on each sheet has a side by side comparison of the national numbers and includes data about such things as: number of children in need of child care under six, information about the workforce, the cost of care and more.
  • Child Care State Licensing Database.  "The Child Care State Licensing Database was developed for policy makers, child care advocates, and providers interested in aligning state child care licensing requirements with  guidelines. Adhering to stringent guidelines, researchers determined ratings of “meets” or “does not meet” for each standard. A “meets” rating was only granted when a state’s child care licensing regulations covered every element of a given standard. We look forward to expanding this database and our reporting of results as we identify and define a benchmarking tool to show state progress in regulatory alignment." CCoA Licensing Database 

Other places to find child care statistics and licensing information include:

  • National Database of Child Care Licensing Regulations.  This database by the Office of Child Care provides you with the actual regulations in each state.  You can search for particular regulations or filter the regulations by state, child care type, year, and document type.
  • Data Explorer and State Profiles.  "You can use this tool to search for data on various early care and education topics, including demographic information, program participation and funding, CCDF subsidy program administration, program quality improvement activities, and professional development and workforce initiatives." Office of Child Care (TA Network)
  • National Program Standards Crosswalk Tool.  "The early care and education field has multiple sets of program standards, and the content of those standards varies widely. States seeking to develop quality improvement systems often engage in a process to review and align the content of various program standards available in the field. Early care and education providers are better able to understand the path to high quality care when the various standards they must meet have similar categories of standards and use consistent terminology. This National Program Standards Crosswalk Tool was developed to help States and save them time and money by making several sets of national standards available in one online database with an easy-to-use search mechanism." Office of Child Care (TA Network)


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