Opportunity for Family Child care: Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships

Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships are an exciting initiative bringing together the work of child care providers and the work of Early Head Start. This work got underway in communities in 2015 and now there are 800 family child care providers are involved in these Partnerships! 

There's a new round of grants available for Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships. Applications are due later this month. Now is the time for the family child care community and the Head Start community to connect. 

Action Steps for Family Child Care

Family child care providers won't be the grant applicants, but child care providers are thepartners funded to provide early care opportunities for infants and toddlers in this initiative. Here are some things you can do right now:

  • Check out the new NAFCC guide on Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships
  • Contact your local Head Start or Early Head Start program and find out if they plan to apply for these funds, and share ideas for partnering with family child care!
  • Contact your state or local family child care association or your state's Head Start association to let them know you are interested.
  • Email policy@nafcc.org and we can try to help make connections and introductions.
  • Stay tuned to NAFCC for news you can use! 

Your Time to Shine

Applicants do not have to name their child care provider partners specifically in the application due in August, but they do have to explain their approach to serving families and how it's the best approach in that particular community, and they'll have to explain their plan for getting partners. By getting involved now, we can help applicants and other colleagues to be thinking about the importance of family child care and how to include family child care in services to infants and toddlers. 

"But I have a lot more questions about Early Head Start..." 

Of course! Reaching out and making first contact isn't a commitment on either side to engage in a Partnership. Think of it as friendly introductions and getting family child care in the conversation. Introducing yourself is a first step. We are all working in service to children and families. Let's do it together - and elevate the role of family child care.

Be sure to download your NAFCC guide, and please share your questions and experiences with NAFCC by contacting policy@nafcc.org today! 

Originally published and distributed through NAFCC's member news on August 10. 2016.