Time Management, Living in Airplane Mode

Time Management, Multi-tasking & Making lists is an everyday occurrence. But is it working? Are you accomplishing anything or just doing busy work? Do you create a post-it-note-sky? I set out to do things and get interrupted or even forget what the task even was!

Imagine an Airplane

Keep it real! Keep it Positive!

Don't let everyday occurrences bog you down. (Traffic Control) Put your life on Airplane Mode! (To stop and focus on the time management plan) Fly the friendly skies! (Do not get bogged down in the chaos of the clouds).  We must take control!! (Roger)

Become the Jet Engine!

The definition of Jet engine: "An engine in which a very strong stream of heated air and gases shoots out from the rear of the engine and pushes the engine forward." (Webster's Learner's Dictionary)  

We must make change!! We must jet forward! (Over and Out) Along the way we are bound to hit some air pockets or turbulence (Did I hear a gasp?). Pull down the oxygen mask and breathe!

Take Control of your day! (Be the pilot of your flight) Take control of your life!

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The Flight Plan    

Develop!! It is time to develop your Time Management Plan and be realistic about your schedules and time frames to accomplish the task. You may have layovers now and then. (Time to focus, power back). Don't get onboard the same flight plan. (Pleasing others). They steal your time!! You may miss the next, Flight! Make sure your jet engine fuel is full! (Avoid those negative sputterer's).

Design!! It is time to create and design a Time Management plan that will work best for you! Try to create a plan that is measurable with outcomes. Break down each time management task so it does not become overwhelming. Mark each task doable with each step (Check Controls) and organize. I do better when I see progress! You may have to connect with the (Control Tower) for ideas. You may need a familiar network to analyze by visually observing. They may have the skills to convey what you need to change, omit or to elevate. You may have to thrust forward in a new direction.

Prioritize!! (Find your seat & buckle up) What needs to be dealt with first or what is important that cannot wait? Make short term and long term goals. Think about your time frame? Know what is more urgent? What tasks can wait? (Flight control).  Do not let the tasks become overbearing and crash down on you. Take it like a Pro! Complete the tasks one by one until completions are mastered. Map out your goals. Take breaks now and then, refuel yourself!

Delegate!! Delegate duties to your co-pilot. Duties that are acceptable to have someone (co-pilot) else accomplish for you. Nothings better than having a second in command once in a while! A co-pilot can assist and relieve you of those daily duties. Direct your co- pilot with some Time Management responsibilities. Work together as a TEAM! Try to keep the number of your landings equal to the number of your take offs. (Productive Outcomes) Take offs may be optional but landings are mandatory. Be Positive through your navigation. (Jet forward with vigilance)

There is a silver lining beyond the clouds!  (Persevere & Celebrate the clear landings)
You will reach your desired destinations!
Take Control of Time Management!




Corinne Carr

   Corinne Carr owner of, “Special Blessings Child Care” since 1992. In 2006, I contracted with Early Head Start.  I obtained my CDA, from the Council for Professional Recognition in 2007. In 2009 obtained NAFCC accredited to meet high quality standards in child care and current. In 2011 I graduated from Butler County Community College with my Associates in Applied Science in Early Childhood Education. I am involved in our local child care organization, “HOPS” Helping other Providers Succeed “I am currently President of the Family Child CareState Organization CCPC “Child Care Providers Coalition of Kansas” from 2013-2017. Since 2012 my outdoor classroom “Outdoor Adventures” became certified through Nature Explore and New Dimensions Research Foundation. Appointed in 2014 & In 2015 continued my service for NAFCC “The National Association for Family Child Care”, Region 12 (Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado) as a Council Membership Representative. In 2015 I was recognized as an Emerging Leader by “Exchange Magazine”.  In 2015 I joined the CCL Licensing Systems Team serves as an advisory capacity to the KDHE Child Care Licensing Program. In 2016, I became involved in T.E.A.C.H and WAGES$ Advisory Council, The Quality Links, QRIS Monitoring Work Group Team and the Quality Links Peer Learning Group. In 2016, I was honored to receive the Advocacy Award through “The National Association for Family Child Care” in San Diego, California. .

   My passion is to help others, for those who have helped me along the way. Through my enthusiasm for the field of Family Child Care I have become involved in many organizations local, state and national as an Early Childhood Professional. I am, Inspired to Inspire others!

   My interests are: outdoors, creative crafting, and connecting children with nature, presentations, continuing education, networking in the early childhood profession. 

  I reside in Emporia Kansas with my husband, two grown children, two lovely daughter- in laws and four grandchildren.