Food Program (CACFP) Bill Introduced to Senate

Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization 

What is That?

Every five years Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization takes place; which means bills regarding different child nutrition programs are introduced to Congress specifying the current impact programs are making and what should be added to the legislation (or removed) to make the programs even better.  This is occurring right now and it's imperative we all take part to add our individual voice and create a powerful collective whole.  For more information on CNR, the process and the impact, read this 2 page primer from FRAC.

A Note: The Food program is always reauthorized, which means it is always funded.  Women Infants and Children (WIC), the other nutrition program that directly impacts our youngest citizens is not. Please keep your ear to the ground regarding WIC during this process.

Access to Healthy Food for Young Children Act

What Does The Act Say?

This legislation, sponsored by Senator Casey (D-PA), would:

  1. improve the area eligibility test,
  2. allow the option of a third meal service (typically a snack or supper),
  3. increase CACFP reimbursements,
  4. enhance administrative reimbursements for CACFP sponsors,
  5. provide two year implementation, nutrition, and wellness funds for state CACFP agencies and sponsors,
  6. continue funding for USDA’s CACFP nutrition and wellness education study,
  7. create a “Provision 2” option for child care centers
  8. provide a carry-over option for sponsors of centers and afterschool programs
  9. streamline program requirements,
  10. reduce paperwork; and
  11. maximizing technology to improve program access. 


Our industry leaders and advocates have made it easy for us to make a loud impression as we fill up the Senators inboxes with our support of the bill that will enable child care providers to better serve healthy meals and snacks to the children in their care.  All you have to do is click on the below links and fill out a form!

*Child Care Providers - NAFCC Advises you to use your Business Name in the line for "Organization."

*Child Care Providers - Don't forget to involve your parents in this process, it directly benefits their children!

Messaging from Our Industry Leaders

Food Research and Action Center

Today, Senator Robert Casey (D-PA) introduced a bill that is a win-win for children, child care providers and sponsors. The Access to Healthy Food For Young Children Act of 2015 aims to expand and strengthen CACFP so more children have access to nutritious meals while at the same time reducing paperwork and streamlining program operations.
The bill provides yet another opportunity for you to keep the momentum around Child Nutrition Reauthorization building. 

National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC)

The bill calls for increased reimbursement rates; proposes making more providers eligible for Tier 1 instead of Tier 2; and adds the option of another meal or snack for reimbursement for children in care longer hours while their parents work. It also calls for investments in sponsors and agencies to successfully implement the program and support providers like you.  These are great ideas and we need to make sure everyone in the Senate knows about it! 

Child Care Aware of America

Today, Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) introduced the ‘CACFP Improvement Act’ which would reduce the CACFP area eligibility from 50 percent to 40 percent to streamline access and expand eligibility to include more low-income children, allow child care centers and family child care centers with the option of serving a reimbursable third meal, and increase the reimbursement rate for CACFP sponsoring organizations.

What are your thoughts and questions?  Share in the comments section.  Remember, please be respectful of different opinions and experiences.  Curious what else you want to know about regarding the Child Nutrition Reauthorization and CACFP's role in it.


Samantha Marshall, M.A.

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