Cauliflower Dippers - First Try #gimmefive

As part I said in a previous post, June is National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables month, so I thought it was the perfect time to not only try new ways to prepare and serve fresh fruits and vegetables to my family but to do it five times as part of the #gimmefive initiative.  

My first try, I decided, would be Cauliflower Dippers.  I follow Super Healthy Kids on Facebook and this post looked so good.  I have previously purchased cauliflower to try this and have not followed through but I finally did it!  

Here's how it went.

Did We Like It?

Was it easy to make?  YES!  Two Tips.

Yes.  My 2.5 year old - who won't eat many vegetables - really enjoyed it.  She thought it was pizza when she saw it so she was excited to try it.  I'm not sure she was completely satisfied after she realized it was not pizza but she ate the whole piece.  She didn't ask for seconds.

My husband was so excited to eat "flatbread" when he came home from work.  I did tell him, before he bit into it that it wasn't bread and was going to taste different but didn't tell him what it was.  He sort of made a face when he tried it but proceeded to eat 3 more pieces.  I finally told him it was cauliflower and his response was "well for cauliflower that is fantastic!"

My thoughts - I think it's a gift and a curse that it looks and smells like flatbread because I had a hard time reconciling the difference in texture.  I think I could have made it a little bit crispier either by spreading it thinner or being better about draining all of the water.

I am an, at best, average cook.  The only time I have used my food processor is to make baby food (usually steamed).

Food Processor Tip:   So, one tip, for those non-expert food processor users do NOT put the whole cauliflower in the processor.  Yes, I took the head apart and put smaller pieces in but it didn't handle the whole thing at once very well - even in pieces.  It's a piece of cake to food process the cauliflower when it's in smaller batches.

Draining: You may second guess how, after it's steamed, it will drain properly and you will be able to spread something on the baking sheet out of what is in the sauce pan.  It's all fine just follow the instructions.  You're doing it right.  But make sure you read the draining part and follow that carefully.

That was the only real difficulty I had making this so that's pretty good as far as ease goes. 


Will I Try It Again?  YES!

I am looking forward to trying this again.  I really like that most of the ingredients I always have in the house and now that I know about my food processing mistake it will be so easy to make. It might be a fun party appetizer too. Sneak some cauliflower in as a party favorite!

There it is, my first #gimmefive experiment.  All and all, I'd say it was a success!

Your turn!  Are you going to try this or something different?  Share in the comments.

Cauliflower Dippers


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