Tactile Strawberry Experiences

In honor of National Pick a Strawberry Day, we have compiled some ideas for having a tactile experience with a strawberry theme.  This includes strawberry picking experiences and activities that don't involve the garden or farm.  Either way you can take part in some strawberry fun!

Picking Strawberries

Ways to find strawberry picking opportunities near you:

Picking Strawberries After They've Been Picked

Visiting your local farmers market, fruit stand or having a local farmer visit your program might be fun way to learn about picking strawberries when shopping with mom

Local Food Directory (finding farmers markets, food hubs and on-farm markets, CSAs and more).  The on-farm directory might be a good place to find a local farmer that would want to chat with the children.  

Sensory Activities


Larger Curriculum


Interested in taking it one step further with some cooking?  Check out our post about cooking with strawberries to get some recipes and a cookbook!


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