Lizard Shadows - Wonderful Wednesday

Every morning my daughter eats breakfast and anticipates her lizard friend's arrival.  She tells me when he isn't there and advises me of when he arrives.  Everyday she is excited to see him and, if she's still home, sad to see him go.

Her lizard friend is a shadow.  A big shadow that the overhang of the roof makes on the window blinds. I love this part of the day. 

  1. I would have never noticed that shadow
  2. I would have never noticed that shadow resembled a lizard
  3. Her excitement over this seemingly mundane morning event brings a smile to my face each time
  4. Her observation of what regularly passes me by reminds me to look a little closer at the details
  5. Her excitement over a shadow reminds me to loosen up and smile about the world that surrounds me.

I think ultimately, my #happythought is simplicity.

Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful
— John Madea

What do the kids your surrounded by teach you?  Do they remind you of keeping it simple or another happy thought?  Share in the comments.


Samantha Marshall, M.A.

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