CCDBG Update and Announcements

There has been a lot of going on with the Child Care Development Block Grant (CCDBG) over the last month or so about the implementation of the new regulation.  The new regulation focuses on children's health and safety as well as the access to quality care for children.  The states are submitting plans to show how they are going to implement the new changes and the feds are providing guidelines about it.  It's time for you to pay attention and speak up with needed with constructive feedback.


The CCDBG is the reauthorized (and changed) regulation that was signed into law by President Obama in November of 2014 which provides the rules and guidelines that states have to follow in order to receive and distribute federal money for child care subsidies known as the Child Care Development Fund (CCDF).

What has been happening over the last year?

  • State agencies and supporting organizations, such as Child Care Resource and Referrals, have been looking over the new regulation trying to determine how to implement the new policy.
  • State agencies have also been drafting what are called "CCDF Plan Preprints" to describe how they are going to implement the rule in their state.*
  • The federal agencies have been providing technical assistance through their website to help providers, parents and state agencies understand the changes in the rule.  They have also been drafting a proposed rule detailing how the states are supposed to implement the new regulation.
  • Advocacy groups have been sharing with Congress the importance of funding for early education and child care so the states can successfully implement the new regulations without adversely effecting the families needing subsidies.

What's Happening Right NOW?

  • The Administration of Children and Families has released the proposed rule detailing how states are to implement the new regulation!  It was published on December 18. Child Care Aware of America has summarized the major points in this post, "
    • Comments are due on February 22 and the federal government is required to read and analyze every comment submitted.  Use your voice to provide constructive feedback regarding the rule and how it impacts you and your program.
    • Keep an eye out from organizations such as CLASP, NWLC, NAFCC, Child Care Aware of AmericaECEC and your local state organizations for advice and suggestions regarding comment.
  • State Hearings and Public Comment regarding State CCDF Plan Preprint.  States have drafted their "preprint" and many have recently published it - explaining how they are going to implement the new rules in their states.  It is a requirement to hold public hearing and opportunity for written comment in response to these state plans.  It is so important to know what states are proposing for this because it is at that point you have to follow their regulations and processes.  Some have taken place, others are not scheduled yet and there are more than 8 scheduled for the month of January!  Here are some scheduled states and the accompanying information you need to take part.

Recently Published Resources

General Information regarding CCDBG Reauthorization

* Definition of CCDF Plan Preprint: "The CCDF Plan Preprint serves as the Lead Agency’s application for CCDF funds by providing a description of how the program will be administered in accordance with CCDF rules and regulation to provide high-quality child care services to eligible families. Plans will be effective from June 1, 2016, through September 30, 2018. The State and Territory deadline for the submission of the Plan was extended from July 1, 2015, to March 1, 2016; however, the extension did not extend the 3- year period of the Plan, nor did it change the effective dates for statutory reauthorization provisions, published in Program Instruction CCDF-ACF-PI-2015- 02, dated January 9, 2015."


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