Back from the Holidays

Tips from the CATS

Back from the Holidays!


And you thought it was wild before the holidays! The kids are returning and it seems they must have had a diet consisting solely of sugar-infused treats during the time away from child care. Of course, you know better- it’s just the excitement of being back with their friends and you!

The question now is how to bring them back to earth. Here are a few tips to make that first few days back in care a bit easier.

  1. Resist the temptation to introduce anything new – not toys, not foods, not anything out of the ordinary. Routine will be your best friend during this time. Low key activities combined with familiarity will make this transition much easier.

  2. Slow down the pace of your day. Now is not the time to focus on covering every single aspect of your normal child care days. Pay attention to what the children are engaged in and what they are enjoying – then do more of that for a day or two – or maybe even three! Make sure they are fed, dry and having fun as you ease back into the rhythm of your program. For a day or two, nothing else really matters.

  3. Except safety. The children have been away for a few days and the rules have been different, relaxed, or non-existent. You may need to be a bit more vigilant about safety and risk-taking.   

  4. Accept that the children may not be enthused about eating until they settle back in. In some households the children have eaten foods that are not familiar and may need to work their way back to the balanced meals you serve in your child care program. Again – routine and patience.

  5. Always remember – this, too, shall pass! Your sweet children will return to you in a short time. This is a time to enjoy the differences, celebrate the successes and relax.

  6. And a last tip from the American Academy of Pediatrics: Laughter and play keep the doctor away. So laugh. Play. Enjoy. Repeat.



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