Congress Did Something Good

Agreement Reached To Raise Budget Caps

I know it's hard to believe and I was shocked to see the news as well but Congress reached an agreement to raise the budget caps.  This does not mean a budget was passed but it does mean that spending caps in the budget have been lifted so defense and non-defense programs will have access to additional money in the budget.

Does That Mean That there Is Money Set Aside for Early Education and Child Care?

No.  It simply means that there is a possibility of getting more funding.  

Next Steps?

As NAFCC tells us, "we'll need to keep working on making child care a priority."  

What Do We Want Congress To Do?

"Take use of this opportunity to invest in the Child Care Development Block Grant (CCDBG), Head Start and other crucial Services for early care and education."

This Summary of Proposals from NAFCC is a comprehensive yet easy to understand overview of what is happening.

Information from the Family Child Care News and Policy Update sent on November 1.  Read it here! 


Samantha Marshall, M.A.

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