What is a Proposed Rule?

There are many parts of the federal process that are hard to grasp and we just give up and keep going; knowing at some point money will be given, money will be taken away, there will be political stalemate, new rules will be made and antiquated ones will remain the same.  We listen, we vote and many of us tell our local and national representatives what is important to us.  But the rest, how it all becomes that way – how our government functions and policy is made - is often a mystery.  Don’t let regulations be a mystery anymore!

The process of a policy or a new rule that the people of the United States have to follow is actually one we can be involved in.  Federal rule makers are required to listen when they are making rules the nation has to follow (Rules and Regulations can be interchangeable).  When do you get to take part?  During “Proposed Rule” stage of the regulatory process.  

Proposed Rule Stage Overview

Part One:  Preapproval. 

Once the rule is in the proposed rule stage, it has gone through many approval processes and is very close to its final form.

Part 2:  Commenting. 

The crux of the proposed rule stage is the commenting period.  This is the time in which people share their thoughts and opinions about the rule that has been proposed.  As Regulations.gov shares, the comments vary in number (from 0- to thousands) and detail (from a paragraph, one sentence expressing support for another comment, or pages of detailed examples). There is always a limited period of time for comment 60-90 days, depending on the rule/agency.  

Part 3: Consideration. 

When the commenting period ends, the federal agency reads every single comment.  The comments go through a comment analysis process.  After comments have been analyzed and considered, the federal agency determines to:

1.       Proceed with the rule 

2.       Issue a new or modified proposed rule

3.       Sometimes, withdraw the proposal  

What Does A Proposed Rule Mean Right Now – CACFP Meal Pattern Requirements

he United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is proposing a new meal pattern requirement for the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).   The CACFP Meal Pattern Revision Proposed Rule has been published.  Once it is published on the Federal Register, we have 90 days to provide a comment.


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