Entertaining Toddlers? Try These Activities

Keeping toddlers stimulated in a positive and playful way can be exhausting.  Yes, they have their independent playtime but they also need some guided play.  Constantly coming up with new ideas and ways to change things up is hard but there are many a resources to help give us ideas - moms and caregivers that have regular experience doing just this.  Collecting all of these ideas helps us keep different toddler activities in our arsenal so here are some ideas for you and links to even more!

I asked our ChildCareInfo Roundtable Group on Linked In what their favorite things to do with toddlers were and they provided fun, easy and inexpensive ideas!

  • "I like to go outside and take a blanket and read a good book and act it out to the children." - Chris Parsons, Owner/Director at C's and T's Childcare
  • "I like doing art collages with the children. We use items they want like to complete this task. Some use stickers, feathers, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, different textured material, etc. The children really enjoy this and it's great for the small motor skills and enhances their imagination." Sandra Greenawalt, Daycare Owner at Sandy Care Daycare
  • "Climbing outside and inside on equipment designed for toddlers, because they want to climb! We tell them, "No, we sit on the chair," when they repeatedly climb on it. I like to tell them what they can climb on!" Dr. Donna Hinkle, Founder at Picky Parents
  • "As all children, mine love to play in the water. I buy 99 cent water bottles, fill them with water, and give one to each child. I have a giant back deck and outdoor play area so I send them out with their water bottle and a baby wipe. They (clean) everything!!!!!!! They have so much fun, they make me laugh. We do have one rule though and that is "no squirting water at faces...any faces... human and animal. :) 
    Another fun thing to do with squirt bottles.. stack plastic cups and have the kiddo's squirt them down from a few feet away." Peggy Wrabetz, Licensed Home Child Care Provider
  • "I like when they do Karaoke. U would b amazed at their talent & beautiful voices!" LaTanya Keely

Here are some wonderful bloggers with aggregated ideas throughout the blogging community to keep toddlers learning through fun activities.

What is your favorite thing to do with Toddlers?  Share in the comments below!

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