Leaping Lily Pads

Head Start Body Start Featured Activity

Leaping LillyPads

Materials Needed: 5-10 Hula Hoops, Open Space
Set Up: Spread the hula hoops out throughout the playspace and start with everyone standing at one end of 
the play-space

Play Time!

  • Once everyone is standing together at the end of the playspace, explain that they are all frogs looking for a home — and that the playspace in front of them is a beautiful pond.
  • Participants jump from the starting point to a lillypad of their choosing. 
  • Once they reach a lillypad, they have to jump up and down on the lillypad five times to make it their home. (You can have 2-3 frogs per lillypad, as needed)
  • Have them count out loud as they jump.
  • Continue to play rounds until you reach 10 jumps
  • Congratulate the frogs on finding beautiful homes

Developmental Bonuses
Mathematics, Number and Operations
Scientific Knowledge
Gross Motor Skills
Health Status and Practices 
Action and Space Awareness

For the entire activity (including extending the activity) and Developmental Head Start Outcomes Addressed: Leaping-Lillypads-Featured-Activity.pdf

Found here: http://www.aahperd.org/headstartbodystart/toolbox/featuredActivity/index.cfm


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