Fruit Food Group

Why is the Fruit Food Group Important?

Considered “nature’s candy,” fruit goes hand-in-hand with vegetables.  And for good reason!  Fruit is incredibly nutrient-dense and can help decrease the risk of bone loss,  kidney  stones, boost your immunity, and make you feel vibrant.  Cover one side of your plate with  fruit and vegetables! - Jill Latham, M.S., R.D.

Teaching Kids About Fruit

Here are some suggestions from the National Food Service Management Institute about how we can teach children about fruit.

Identify What You Eat
Children can name fruits they have eaten.  You can draw pictures of the fruits as they name them and write the fruits name next to them.  The kids can then describe parts of the fruit such as color, size, shape and texture.  

What Do Fruits Do For Our Body?
Share with the children what fruits do for our body such as helping to prevent colds or healing cuts.  

Fun Activities to do with the Kids...

  • Fruit Grab Bag!  Make picture cards of the fruit, put them in the bag and have the children take the fruit out of the bag.  The can then identify the fruit and pick one thing that describes it!  
  • Fruit Hunt!  Hide fruits or the picture cards from the Grab Bag.  The children can search the classroom for the fruit and after they find it can name it and describe it. 

Books About Fruit


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