Family Customs

What Do We Need?
Prior to this activity to bring in an item that is related to a custom or tradition their family participates in.  This could be a picture of a type of food they always eat on Saturday, or a symbol of a holiday they celebrate.  You will also need to have a large piece of paper and a marker.

What's Next?

  • Explain to the children that every family has their own customs and traditions that they participate in
  • Write at the top of a large piece of paper "Our Customs"
  • Invite the other children to tell you what customs or traditions they celebrate with their family
  • Children may have a hard time thinking of these.  To help them, remind them of holidays you know their families celebrate like Hanukkah, or routines they gave before they go to bed like reading a story.  You can also show the children the times their families provided.
  • Write what the children talk about on the large piece of paper

Extension Idea

  • Invite any interested children to draw a family portrait.  As they draw, ask them to share their work and record their dictation, when appropriate.  Remind them that they can also label the drawing with their name as wel as the  names of their family members.
  • Hang all of the portraits in the classroom

From Learning Care Group, Multicultural Activities Handout at the CCFP Roundtable Conference 2011
***Originally published on on 10/24/2011


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