Buffalo Hides

North American Indians built many different kinds of house.  The teepees were the most portable structure and were often constructed out of tanned buffalo hides stitched together.  Painted teepees were the homes of special individuals within each of the tribes.

What Do We Need?

  1. Brown Paper Bag
  2. Scissors
  3. Crayons

What Do We Do?

  • Cut your buffalo hide (brown paper bag) into any shape
  • Draw markings on the buffalo hide (brown paper bag)
  • Crunch the the paper into a ball several times until the paper begins to soften
  • Straighten paper to reveal the tanned buffalo hide

What Do We Talk About?
Discuss the many options that the Native Americans used with their animal hides.  For Example: clothing, robes, teepee covers, drums, storage containers, war shields etc.

What can you make out of your hide?

From Learning Care GroupMulticultural Activities Handout at the CCFP Roundtable Conference 2011.

***Originally published on ChildCareInfo.com on 10/24/2011


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