Neat Stuff I Learned from CACFP: Part 6, Reading Menus

Part of CACFP’s job is to read menus and make sure that the Child Care Providers enrolled in CACFP are following USDA’s guidelines so the children are eating healthy and child care providers are receiving the reimbursement that they should be.    

Some providers just fill in the menu components on their forms without the actual recipe or a title, so trust me when I say that it’s sometimes hard to visualize what providers are really serving to children.  Imagine reading: milk, beets, potatoes, cottage cheese, cabbage for lunch (Borscht) or crackers and cheese (actually variety of cheeses and fruit tray filled with different textures and colors) or broccoli and cheese for snack (actually was a baked potato stuffed with Broccoli and peppers and cheese) or crust and tomato paste (actually, individual cheese pizzas w/vegetables) for snack or even garbanzo beans and milk for snack (hummus and pita triangles).  

When they say don’t judge a book by its cover, yup they were talking about reading CACFP menus. It was was great when there those awesome providers who were planning menus and had menu titles like Cheese and Fruit tray, or Russian Borscht, Mini Veggie Pizzas, Loaded Baked Potatoes that they posted for parents and their food program.