Neat Stuff I Learned From CACFP: Part 2, Curriculum Based Recipes

The Child Care Provider I was visiting had a planned curriculum for the week about the Sun.  

For breakfast that morning the children and the provider were going to make and EAT a Breakfast Sun. There were Suns everywhere; books, pictures, place mats, toys and mobiles.  

Let me tell you, the best part were the half toasted english muffins with a cooked egg yolk (some of the eggs were hard boiled and some sunny side up) in the middle of the English muffin (the sun) and then orange slices (rays of the sun) surrounding the muffin.  The children very carefully placed the orange slices, or rather sun rays, around the sun themselves. 

Imagine their delight at the sun they were about to eat.  Of course, I commented on what a great breakfast she had provided to the children. She called my attention to the her curriculum for the week. Laugh out loud you say, I have just given myself away. That morning I was unaware that the child care provider had a curriculum based menu nor all of the long term learning connections that they were making that morning. 

I know it was a long term learning experience as its been at least 18 years since I was at that providers home enjoying the children in her care. I now help my granddaughter make that same breakfast, right after we have read a book or colored a picture of the sun and/ or solar system.