Neat Stuff I Learned From CACFP: Part 1, Pear Bunnies

I was reminded today, by Samantha at, that it’s time to start thinking about CACFP Week and some wonderful ideas to share with CACFP Sponsors and Child Care Providers in the United States. It got me thinking about all of the things I learned from CACFP in the past twenty years. Well, let me re-phrase that, it got me to thinking about all of the NEAT stuff I learned from CACFP over the years.

Stories and Snack Time

I was doing a visit at a child care provider’s home.  She and the children had just finished a story about a bunny and they were starting to make snack. I got there just in time to see the bowls out on the table with all of the ingredients that the children would need to make a Pear Bunny.  Clever child care provider that she was, there was even an example of the Pear Bunny.  This way the children could have a visual of what a Pear Bunny might look like.  The children loved talking about the bunny stories they read and the Funny Bunnies that they had made to eat. It was a great visit and to top off a perfect snack, the child care provider had all of her paperwork up to date! I know if you are a CACFP sponsor or a child care provider you know that she and I were very happy campers that day!

Pear Bunnies

Have the ingredients ready for the children and an example of a Pear Bunny available

1 can (15 1/4 oz.) pear halves - drained

Some raisins, some slivered or whole almonds, baby carrots– slivered, or grated

Some type of cherries-cut in half and some lettuce leaves

Directions for the example:

Arrange lettuce leaves on four salad plates. Place a pear half cut side down on top of the lettuce leaves. Insert two raisins at the narrow end of the pear for eyes and one for the nose.

Add the almonds in an upright position for the ears. Place 3 or 4 carrot slivers on either side of the nose for whiskers. Place a small amount of cottage cheese at the wide end of the pear to resemble a fluffy cotton ball tail. 

Perhaps you would like to share a bunny that you that you learned from CACFP or your fellow child care professionals.