CACFP History from 1975-Present

  • 1975 - program extended to include Family Child Care Homes, all private or public non-profit day care facilities.  Then included all non-profit day care centers, not exclusive to low income areas.  Family group and day care homes were allowed to join under certain qualifying institutions;
  • 1978 - Permanent CCFP!  Modifications were made such as, making all participants eligible regardless of family income, permanent authorization and more;
  • 1980 - Agreements made between the USDA, FNS and the state agencies to carry out the rules and regulations for reimbursement;
  • 1989 - Program expanded to include adult day care centers and change the name to the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP);
  • 1996 - Welfare reform affected CACFP and two-tier payment system was instituted;
  • Currently CACFP continues to grow and plays a vital role in our children's nutrition and is a key indicator of quality child care.  EACH DAY 3.2 million children are fed healthy and nutritious meals because of the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).

The information in this history section is from this document.  If you would like the details, please view here.  
To read and learn about the Legislative History of the CACFP please click here.


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