What Nutrients are Provided in Each of the Food Groups?

Variety is the key and the Child and Adult Care Food program (CACFP) meal pattern requirements help you attain that healthy aspect of menu planning.

There are four groups of the CACFP Meal Pattern Requirements, including what each group provides so we can have a better understanding of why each food group is an important part of our nutritional diet.

Milk Group

                Vitamins A and D
                Other Nutrients

Fruits and Vegetables Group

                Vitamins A and C
                Other Nutrients

Grains and Bread Group

                Complex Carbohydrates
                Some B vitamins
                Fiber, if it is whole grain

Meat and Meat Alternate Group

                B vitamins
                Other Nutrients such as fiber in Legumes, nuts and seeds

You can find the entire Nutrition Needs Grab and Go Lesson here.  The quick lesson further explains what the food groups are and provides some other tips regarding what to serve.

CARE Connection has some great resources regarding nutrition for your child care setting or even for parents wanting to learn more about child nutrition.  I will be profiling the materials they have provided throughout this blog and on other portions of ChildCareInfo.com.  Click here for more information on the CARE Connection and the National Food Service Management Institute.

Source: Using CACFP Meal Patterns for Good Nutrition, National Food Service Management Institute, http://www.nfsmi.org/Templates/TemplateDivision.aspx?qs=cElEPTI5.


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