Thanksgiving Fun!

I remember as a little girl making the Turkey handprints with paint and feathers and coloring over leaves with crayons trying to get that impression to look just like that leave, except I wanted it to be purple instead of brown or orange.   It was so fun and I think I might actually have some left. 

Here are some ideas from the forum:

Freeze Turkey Dance: Sing and Dance to the turkey song and add a little "Freeze" at the end.  Fun times for the kids. 
Materials Needed: Energy, kids, dance and song.  Find the song lyrics and freeze instructions below
Posted by: Brenda McCarty, ChildCareInfo Forum - Seasonal Activities

Hand Print Turkeys: Kids use their hands to make some Turkeys
Materials Needed: varies depending on the kind of handprint turkey you do.  Range from paint and construction paper to play-dough or cookie dough (a link to many great examples were posted as well)
Posted by: fr1endly2, ChildCareInfo Forum - Seasonal Activities

Stacy Ransom, part of our own community also has her own blog and tried out Teepee Cupcakes!  These are awfully cute. 

TeePee Cupcakes: Cupcakes in the form of Teepees, using ice cream cones
Materials Needed: Cake Mix, Disposable Aluminum Baking Pan, Sugar Cones, Pretzel Rods, Chocolate Chips, Green Sprinkles or autumn leave sprinkles.
Posted by:  These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things - Blog, Reposted by Share and Remember - Blog

@Child_Care_Info on twitter follows @Teach_Preschool on Twitter and the posts are great often compiling great crafts from different resources.  These are some of the ones posted in the last day or so.

Simple Thanksgiving Craft: It is a picture with kids writing what they are thankful for and a fringe frame around that.
Materials Needed: White Paper, Construction Paper--Colors: Orange, Red, Brown and Yellow, Paper Cutter or Scissors, Crayons and Double Stick Tape
Posted byNo Time for Flash Cards - Blog

Corn Painting: It is a painting and instead of a paint brush the kids guessed it!  Corn Cobs!
Materials Needed: Corn Cob, Paint, Construction Paper, skewers or something for the kids to hold the corn cobs with.
Posted by: The Activity Mom, The Activity Mom - Blog

Thanksgiving Songs and Rhymes: Rhymes sung to the tunes of songs you already know that are about Thanksgiving.
Materials Needed: Your lovely voice and the sweet music of the kids in your care
Posted by: Together Time 4 Families, Together Time for Families - Blog

I think I am definitely going to try out the Teepee cupcakes with my niece this Thanksgiving and I am going to go find a leaf and some crayons right now!  ;)


Happy Thanksgiving!


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