Minute Menu at the CACFP Sponsor Association 2011 Conference

The Sponsor's Association Conference - September 18-20, 2011

It is the 25th Anniversary of the TSA Conference, bringing together Child And Adult Care Food Program Sponsor's, nationwide.  

It is going to be held in Memphis, Tennessee and "will be filled with dynamic speakers, network sessions, USDA updates on the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act and workshops to meet the needs of sponsor’s of all sizes."  TSA

Minute Menu Booth

Stop by the Minute Menu booth and say Hi! Connect the face to the phone, the email signature to a person, and the generic title to a person with a personality!  We want to see you and hear from you.  We have a news about our products, some emery boards and of course we will have some candy, so come by for your sweet tooth fix and some face to face time with the Minute Menu team.  We want to see you! 

Minute Menu Presentations

Minute Menu Workshops at TSA!  Come Join Us!  Look For Our Workshops in Your Conference Catalog!

Online Provider Claiming and Record Keeping, Jenny Boston.  Discover the benefits of online claiming.  It helps improve both agency and provider compliance, improves nutrition education, improves program integrity, while reducing administrative costs.  Learn how to get started and how to improve your processes today!

Guided Tour of Minute Menu Systems, your passport to success in CACFP!  Cindy Vian.  We’ll travel around the world of CACFP in a virtual network of tools that work together with experienced staff to ensure the highest level of integrity is achieved.  From tracking child information to menu development, to attendance and meal counts, to site reviews, claims processing, payments and so much more!  

Sponsoring Centers with Minute Menu!, Cindy Vian.  Learn how Minute Menu can help you successfully sponsor Centers!

CACFP and Social Media, Samantha Kay-Daleiden Marshall.  Are you trying to get the word out about CACFP?  Learn how your CACFP agency can use social media to benefit you and CACFP!  Get a plan, see who you can reach, how can you reach them, stay up-to-date with CACFP news and learn how we can educate all about the importance and relevance of CACFP through social media. 

Social Media and More:  Getting Friendly with the Web, Samantha Kay-Daleiden Marshall.  Do you feel a little intimidated by all of the "stuff" on the web?  Do you want to use, but are not quite sure where to start with social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other resources like blogs, forums, Google maps or Google docs?  Are you already using these tools but could use some tips to manage them and use them to their fullest potential?  This is the class for you.  We will take a tour of the different applications and by the time we are done, you will consider the web a good friend.

Here are the workshop descriptions for the entire conference!  Some GREAT Speakers and Subjects!


Samantha Marshall, M.A.

Samantha is, just like you, excited to make a difference in our community and our world. With a Master of Arts degree in English Literature, you might ask how she found herself building and writing for a website focused on child care. From 1995 through 2001, Samantha started her career working for Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) sponsors which introduced her to the importance of non-profits, community and quality child care. Her experience with Sponsors, State Officials, and Family Child Care Providers left a great and lasting impression. Later in her career and her most recent position at SAGE Publications, an academic publisher, was as a product manager for a new online resource! During this time many of Samantha's passions collided. A love for the written word, children and the proliferation of knowledge as well as a fascination with the resources the internet gives us, building a community for child care on ChildCareInfo.com is the perfect way to make the difference she wanted to. Needless to say, she is very excited to be an active part of creating and building ChildCareInfo.com.