How Can What People Have Done With Team Nutrition Training Grants Help Me?

I was at the Food Research and Action Center conference in February this year and was impressed by the things different organizations and states were doing to encourage healthy eating and exercise.  I was similarly disappointed that I didn't know these resources were being created until I had the advantage of hearing them spoken about.  I am happy to say Team Nutrition has added to their resources section an area where you can view each state's resources that include contact information, funded resources created and MORE!

What is the Team Nutrition Training Grant?  The grant is for state agencies to put together different ways to train and communicate guidance about the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) guidelines and regulations as well as the Dietary Guidelines for Americans in regard to schools and child care settings.

What kind of actions are taken with this grant?   Here are a just a few bullet points from the Team Nutrition Grants home page.

  • Efforts to integrate nutrition education into students learning content standards, including trainings and workshops provided to teachers.
  • Collaborating with other State agencies and organizations to achieve the Team Nutrition goal and to assist school districts in implementing and evaluating Local Wellness Policies.
  • Training and technical assistance on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, MyPyramid, and MyPyramid for Kids.
  • Many childcare children and school age students enjoying healthier school/childcare meals and, along with their parents and caregivers, are exposed to current, relevant, and fun nutrition information and activities.

What can the State Sharing Center do for me?  All of the great resources created from the funds that have been provided through the Team Nutrition Training Grant.  Many states have created training materials that can assist other states with training their sponsors, providers, schools and centers!  No need to recreate the wheel, just modify what these other agencies have already worked on.  You can view resources by state or by the type of resources.  Type of resources is categorized as follows:

  • Nutrition Education, Preschool: Ranges from Coloring pages to lesson plans and book lists
  • Nutrition Education, Elementary School: Ranges from implementing challenges for healthy lifestyles, teachers manuals and lesson plans
  • Nutrition Education, Junior High/Middle School: Ranges from nutrition curriculum to posters
  • Nutrition Education, All Ages:  Exercise curriculum, Extensive toolkits for nutrition literacy,  posters and activity pages.
  • Food Service Training, School Food Service:  Ranges from Best practices and policies to lists of breakfast foods to instructional resource to focus on training educators and families
  • Food Service Training, Child Care:  Ranges from Menu planning guides to Incentives for training participants to activities for the children's education.

I am so excited that Team Nutrition put this incredibly useful page together to help you find out what other states have been doing and have already done.  Whether this inspires you to apply for a grant or take what's been done and make it your own, USE THIS!  It is great.

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Samantha Marshall, M.A.

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