Families All Matter Pre-School Curriculum

A common desire many providers had when they answered Minute Menu's survey was a desire to help with teaching diversity in their care whether it was serving different culture's foods or being able to find a teaching curriculum.

I wanted to tell you all about a booth that was stationed next to Minute Menu at NAEYC.  It is called aMaze and was promoting its new Families All Matter for preschool curriculum.  Considering the desire to teach diversity expressed in the survey a couple of months ago, I wanted to share this with you.  Take a look and see if it is something you are interested in.

aMaze provides some great options for teaching diversity of all kinds and focuses on diversity within families.  Family has started to have a different meaning to children but many times parents, teachers and providers aren't quite sure how to address those different meanings.   aMaze posits that attempting to cultivate a sense of respect and understanding in children might even help with some bullying situations.

"Fat. Gay. Or just different from the crowd. These are the reasons children are being bullied -- sometimes to death -- in America's schools, with at least 14 students committing suicide in the past year alone"  (Dubreuil & McNiff, 2010). There are many current news stories that revolve around bullying and many of these bullying stories are because of an inability to understand and accept "difference." 

aMaze sets out contribute to early childhood education by attempting to provide a significant transformation in learning about diversity as a young child.  Support for teachers and parents helping children learn respect for their peer's differences.

The idea behind the Families All Matter Book Project is to provide "stories that challenge bias and create belonging."   These are curriculums that are flexible to your needs and can help you provide an anti-bias environment and in the long run create a caring community.  Check it out aMazeworks.org.


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aMaze: http://www.amazeworks.org/programs/preK/preK.html


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