ConAgra Foods Foundation Grant

ConAgra Foods Foundation Community Impact Grants Program (CIG) intends to partner with “high quality organizations to close service gaps and increase children’s access to food and nutrition resources so they can live happy, healthful lives” (CIG Overview and 2012 Eligibility Guidelines).  

What are the grant awards? 
They’ll range from $10,000 to $75,000.  Average grant size will be around $25,000.

Do you think you might be one of those organizations?  
*  Are you a 501(c)(3) that: works with any of the Federal Nutrition Programs, such as, CACFP, School Breakfast, National School Lunch Program, Summer Food Service Program, or supper programs?  
*  Are you working on developing nutritional education materials for children based on research such as MyPlate?  
*  Are you trying to organize your community to advocate and provide service to the children at risk of hunger in your community?

CIG is focused on 3 keyword strategies: read CIG Overview and 2012 Eligibility Guidelines for specific definitions:

1) Direct Service
2) Capacity Building
3) Advocacy

You have to work in certain states in order to be eligible:

There is an eligibility requirement that is geographical.  CIG will only accept applications for organizations “working in states with both 25% or greater child food insecurity and states where ConAgra Foods has a large employee presence. Those states include AR, CA, GA, ID, IL, IN, MI, MO, OR, TN and WA.”  (CIG Overview and 2012 Eligibility Guidelines).   TheMap to the Meal Gap (page 10) is the source used to determine the 25% or greater of child food insecurity.

There are measurement and evaluation expectations. 
Read about them in the CIG Overview and 2012 Eligibility Guidelines.

How do I apply?

This application process is done in phases.  Part 1 you fill out an eligibility survey (not available until January 9, 2012) and fill out the Letter of Intent (LOI).  The program will review these and notify you if you can move on to the full application process, which is part 2 and you will be notified of the details if you are moving on.

The ConAgra Foods Foundation website has more information.  Find more here.

Key Dates:
Grant Period: June 2012–May 2013
LOI Submission Period: January 9-24, 2012
Notification of Promotion to RFP: February 17, 2012
Full Application Submission Period: February 17– March 7, 2012
Award Announcement: April 2, 2012

Learn more about the ConAgra Foods Foundation Grant Program:
ConAgra Foods Foundation Grants
2012 Community Impact Grants Program Overview
Eligibility Survey (not available until January 9, 2012)
Map the Meal Gap

This is an overview, please note there are more requirements and eligibiity restrictions not mentioned in this post but can be found in the CIG Overview and 2012 Eligibility Guidelines.


Samantha Marshall, M.A.

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