Child Separation From Parent to Caregiver

The pamphlet, "Separation: Easing the Transition from Home to Child Care" focuses more on preparing for that initial transition from only being with her parents to all of sudden being cared for by someone new for the day(s) to come.

The Children's Home says that " Separation is a developmental challenge.  When adults take children's feelings seriously, talk to them honestly and give them lots of understanding support, children can learn ways to cope with separation successfully both now and in the future." (Separation: Easing the Transition from Home to Child Care, Children's Home Society of California, 2001/2007.)

One of the things I like best about this pamphlet is that behaviors and how you can approach them are listed by age, developmental stage and the approach to take accordingly.  You can also find a list of tips to ease the separation.

Additional resources recommended by Children's Home


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