Biting Children: Why and What to Do?

There are a variety of reasons children bite.  Some include being frustrated and tired or having a hard time keeping up with transitions.

Biting Reasons. Bullet points are listed with explanation and solution in the pamphlet.  Here is the list of reasons:

  • Teething
  • Attention-Seeking
  • Power/Aggression
  • Territorial/Defense
  • Frustration/Stress

There are many ways to discourage biting such as teaching cooperation, being aware of child's environment and their current situation.  Click here to view the pamphlet for details.

What to do when the biting actually takes place?

  • Keep both children by your side
  • Wash the affected bitten area with soap and warm water
  • Stay calm, reassure the children
  • Keeping them near you and washing the "wound" helps "demonstrate the consequences and seriousness of the behavior"(When a Child Bites, Children's Home, 2001)

Additional resources recommended by Children's Home

Books: 2 for Children, 1 for Parents


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