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Looking for a great way to share Yoga with your child/children? In the new book Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga by author/ educator and certified children's yoga instructor, Renee Sherkness, children and families, teachers and students are able to share a healthy moment together practicing yoga through kid friendly stories with illustrations specifically written for yoga, breathing exercises and relaxation visualization.  Also information is given to what yoga is and it's benefits and how it has impacted the authors life and others. A great "go to" book for  instructors or families wanting to share a healthy moment with their children!  Purchase this and other books by Renee Sherkness and her Nurturing Nature Collection on, barnes and noble,, in print and e book or apple i pad. Visit website for more books and information and reviews.

Excerpt from Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga explaining more on the benefits of yoga and how this book is used:

"Studies show over and over that yoga often reduces the excessive hormones released into our bodies from chronic stress. Those who practice yoga often develop mental and physical strength, balance, flexibility and healthier life habits. Children’s attitudes may improve, our immune system may strengthen, and abilities, such as teamwork and leadership skills, in many instances are increased. (Of course, individual results can vary.) Many studies have been done, but the most widely used of all seems to be the one completed in 2007 by The Symposium of Yoga Therapy and Research in Los Angeles. Many children in the study who practiced yoga were more relaxed, focused, concentrated better, and had improved sleeping patterns, along with a better sense of well-being than prior to practicing yoga. Respect for others and ourselves; having compassion, confidence and high self-esteem; and greater academic achievement are benefits that are often attained by children who practice yoga. With the mounting stress our children are under, increasing amount of budget cuts for physical fitness programs in our schools, coinciding with the child obesity epidemic in our country, the time seems perfect for introducing yoga to our children.   In this book you will find two ways to use it effectively. I hope you will take advantage of both options, as each can be fun as well as beneficial."  

...."First, this book can be used solely for the enjoyment of the stories. I have included 4 unique stories I have written, ANDY THE ANT, DEANNA THE DANCER, SAMMY THE SNAKE, and THE THREE WARRIORS. You and your child can cozily sit together and share these stories with their whimsical illustrations and have a quiet moment together home or in a classroom setting. You can discuss the message in each story and share the relaxation exercise. 

You can choose the second option. Being a yoga instructor, I secretly hope you do. You and your child/children can read the 4 stories along with the relaxation exercise and breathing exercise that are included, and the stories can come to life through yoga poses, or asanas. Unlike other programs that sometimes utilize random stories not specifically made for the flow of yoga, my stories while entertaining on their own, are specifically tailored for the purpose of yoga.  By keeping yoga in mind when writing my stories, the story line is easily translated into a vinyassa (or yoga pose sequence) allowing the flow of yoga positions though out the story to be experienced. Before each story, I have added the necessary pose instructions to help demonstrate the story and have provided explanations. I have also included one breathing exercise for each story. *There is an explanation on breathing rhythms in my book. 

"Practice these poses (play some quiet music, if you like, while doing them), and then read the story to your child/children. You now can incorporate the yoga poses into the story to include your child’s/children's participation, along with your own, if you’d like. Poses and kid friendly characters representing the poses are illustrated throughout each story. You, too, can become yoga, just as my students did! (Always consult a physician before starting any exercise activity including yoga). Do the relaxation exercise at the end of the book after each story you read. Dim your lights if you like and play some quiet music in your home or classroom while children lie quietly and listen to the relaxation exercise.  

Either way, with or without yoga poses I anticipate your journey with this book will be a fun-filled, enlightening adventure—one, I am sure, that will enhance the life of you both, physically and spiritually. Blessings to you! And, as we say at the beginning and ending of every yoga practice, Namaste!" 

*More step by step explanation of how to practice yoga through stories with children in my Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga ! 

Post written by author Renee Sherkness

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Renee Sherkness

Being a former educator, children’s yoga instructor,mother and grandmother, I know how important and sometimes challenging it is to find entertaining and educational literature that can inspire children to want to learn about our world. This is one of the reasons I have created a collection of books entitled: The Nurturing Nature Series: Connecting “with care” to our world. If you were to sum up the premise of my books in one sentence it would be: Books that broaden your world; expand your mind; and inspire you to connect to nature. In today’s world, knowledge of our environment, ways to care for our world and lifestyles which help us to live healthier lives can be likened to seeds requiring nurturing from all of us, especially our young, to ensure our future. Once nourished by the light of the sun these seeds take root, they sprout their stems and the branches grow big and strong! And like Jack and his Beanstalk we can ascend these boughs and embark on a journey to healthier lives and a better world. It is my wish that through my books a seed is planted, a ray of sunshine sparkles in you, branches are grown and your journey will begin. May your journey be well-lit, entertaining and informative for both young and old. And may the world be a better place because of this.