Leprechaun Trap with a Pot of Gold

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, the children in my daughter’s kindergarten class were assigned a project – to make a Leprechaun trap!  Of course the instructions mentioned that the children were to do most of the work…not just the parents!  Got it! So off to the local craft store we went in search of the perfect materials for this architectural masterpiece that my daughter and I have yet to figure out.  Ribbons, colored sticks, beads and pipe cleaner, gold glittered glue and other little St. Patty’s paraphernalia filled our basket!  Now….what to do with all of this “stuff?”

Once we were home we went through the items and the wheels began to turn…we needed a shoe box, some type of card board and of course…now I know why I save all those little pint baskets that the strawberries come in…the perfect trap!

Between the two of us we came up with a pretty good plan – but how to actually execute this masterpiece might be another story.   For three days we (after school, chores, homework, extracurricular activities and dinner of course) glued with Elmers, craft AND hot glue, tied and twisted pipe cleaner, measured and cut ribbon and paper.  And finally….the trap is set!  And what does my daughter say?  “It’s okay Mom, not as good as some of the others I’ve seen – but it’ll do.”  All I could do was smile….

There is a pot of gold tied with ribbon to the top of the “cage” (pint basket) that is disguised with cotton (clouds) and a rainbow that will drop on the Leprechaun should he try to take the pot of gold