Change: Adaptive vs. Technical

Thanks for traveling with me the last several months to take this deeper look in my videos at what it really takes to achieve Sustainable Change. This month I'm exploring two ways to address Change: Adaptive or Technical.
Some changes are "technical", we know what to do or we can find out technically how to solve a problem and proceed; and we may just need support to follow through.  For other changes that we want and need to make, we know something needs to change but we really don't know what is needed. This is referred to as "adaptive" change by Ronald Heifetz. In this month's video I define the two ways to address change and describe the implications for how we help ourselves and others make significant changes If you are a coach, a manager, supervisor, director or parent, I think this perspective will be helpful for you. Click here to view video.


Constant Hine

Constant Hine, lives in Denver and has been the owner and president of Horizons In Learning since 1988 offering services that facilitate respectful learning for sustainable change. Constant began her career as a teacher of young children. She developed a keen sense of what it really takes to help children learn. She now works with adults to help them help children and other adults to learn using practical, down to earth educational strategies. Constant is an adult educator, coach, and author of several books. She has an M.A. in Education and has over 30 years experience working with educators, care-givers, business professionals, and managers throughout North America. Constant specializes in facilitating people to increase their ability, skills and perspectives to be more effective, handle stress proactively and to promote respectful relationships and communication. She also helps organizations develop delivery systems that embody intentional and respectful support services. Click here to view Constant's website, Horizon's in Learning.