George Winston's "Summer" Album

A Little Bit About George Winston's Summer Album...
George Winston’s Summer album, released in 1991 is actually a new discovery for this music lover. I’ve always been a fan of Winston’s December album (which was turned into beautiful music version of The Velveteen Rabbit narrated by Meryl Streep). Every winter season I bring this album out and experience the same emotional release his solo piano accompanied with Margery Williams story brings. 

One Of The Reason I Love It...
When I found this Summer album I clasped my hands together like a giddy child and could not wait to bring it into my classroom. Sure enough, it was absolutely lovely. Quiet melodies breathe a country summer breeze into your ears. Listening to it brings you to a simpler time, after a long hot summer’s day in the woods. 

How Do I Use It?
For the children in my care, it’s a wonderful nap-time C.D. with quiet, flowing piano to keep tired eyes and bodies resting for a long time. You can also use it for background music for quiet play or in the morning to welcome children into a peaceful room.

Where Can I Find It?
You can find this c.d. and his other wonderful seasonal music at



Summer Langille, M.A, Early Childhood Education Specializing 0-8 Years

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