Fun Bits from the CCFP Roundtable Meeting

The Child Care Food Program Roundtable has unique group meetings every 2 months.  Why are they unique, you ask?  Aside from the attendees being super friendly and passionate about the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), they are made up of not only CACFP Sponsors in California but State representatives and additional food program stakeholders.  This knowledgeable group of people gathers around the proverbial table and talk child nutrition, policy, grants, and accomplishments. 

Last week it was held in Sacramento and in March the Roundtable meeting will take place in Baldwin Park.  Chris Clarkattended the meeting and had some notes that we wanted to share with you.  If you are a Roundtable Member you will receive even more great information from this meeting in the Newsletter.

GrantsGarden Grants (CDE)

Healhy Eating and Active Living Funding (Regional Kaiser)

  •  California Department of Education (CDE) Nutrition Services Division (NSD) shared that Western Growers and CDE are partnering again for grants to non-profit centers.  There will be one hundred, $1,000 grants.  The deadline to apply is March 1st.  You can apply online.  Some bullets about the grant:
    • States Eligible: California
    • CACFP Participation: Required
    • Description of Grant:  “These competitive garden grants will be awarded to agencies or sites that demonstrate how they will use garden-enhanced nutrition education to promote fruit and vegetable consumption among 2-5 year olds in child care or preschool settings” (Western Growers Foundation, 2013)
  • Kaiser has a regional grant program called “The Community Benefit Grants Program.”  The topics for funding are right up the resource and referral and especially CACFP Sponsor alley.  Many sponsors are finishing up their application process for these grants.   The Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) Funding has two main areas of funding and depending on what sponsors were looking for, you could fit into either.  
    • Please Note-There is NOT a deadline for the HEAL Funding.  Apply as you are ready.
    • Find out more about the grant here or visit the website (Kaiser Permanente, 2013)
    • While these links are for California agencies, it is worth checking to see what your regional Kaiser organization is funding.

Several sponsors at the Roundtable meeting were finishing up their applications as their deadlines are soon approaching.  I am looking forward to a future post brainstorming ways this grant is applicable to what you do!  Comment below with your ideas. 

Inspiration and AccomplishmentsSponsors had fun cheering each other on and hearing what their colleagues are doing in their own organizations

  • Contra Costa Child Care Council is giving out 20,000 bookmarks with Healthy Kids Tips for free to Sponsors who ordered them for their providers.  I have actually seen these bookmarks, they are fun and informational.
  • Contra Costa Child Care Council shared that their one-to-one workshops with providers has been very rewarding and they discussed what they have learned.
  • Choices for Children are working on an online learning project called "5 Keys to Raising a Happy Healthy Eater."  Once the learning project is complete it would first be available in Santa Clara County in both Spanish and English.
  • Children's Council of San Francisco shared their Healthy Apple Award Self- Assessment for Child Care Providers. Amy, new director of the food program, enthusiastically expressed the providers excitement and participation about the project.
  • We congratulate Stephanie Clarke, of 4C’s in Alameda, CA, for her award from "National Community Based Organization Network" a branch of the American Public Health Association (APHA)
  • Collateral Material for the Potter the Otter storybook is still on the way.
  • 4 C's of Alameda County discussed their success using a publication from the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension.  Stephanie even gave us a bit of story time

Discussion Topics

USDA Management Bulletin
Childhood Obesity Conference

  • A popular discussion was Farm-to-Preschool which seems to be a rapidly expanding family of programs throughout the country. Everyone seems to have their own name for it but they all come from the Farm-to-Preschool idea.
  • Agencies from Placerville and San Francisco shared their stories. The sponsor from Placerville is a Master Gardener and seemed open to the idea of doing a workshop for the Roundtable Conference on the subject of Farm-to-Preschool. Nationally there is a Farm-to-Preschool Taskforce that Carolyn Morrison of Child Care Development Services is a part of.
  • One of the Management Bulletins discussed was the USDA CNP 07-2012 Smoothies guidance the MB offers guidance from the USDA on crediting of fruit smoothies in Child Nutrition Programs.
  • Sponsors were talking about attending The Childhood Obesity Conference in Long Beach in June.
  • Sponsors shared their processes and materials to handle providers on the National Disqualified List (NDL).
  • Pre-School Shine Forums were being discussed. How much everyone enjoyed participating in them.


Surveys are distributed so people/organizations can service you.  Be your own Hero and FILL them Out!

There are three important surveys coming to an inbox near you.  Take the time to complete them and you will benefit from it. 

National:  Paperwork Reduction Survey.  How many times have you grimaced about the amount of paperwork you have to do to successfully administrate this program?  NOW IS YOUR TIME TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.  Fill out the (from what I hear) pretty long survey and give your experience and expertise a voice.


  • Training and Education Needs Assessment Project from the California Department Education (CDE) Nutrition Services Division (NSD). This project and survey will identify the training and education needs for CACFP personnel to implement the new federal meal pattern regulations.  It is meant to help Sponsors grow and be successful in the next 3-5 years. 
  • Impact of the State Meal Reimbursement Cut.  This survey will be from the CCFP Roundtable.  This survey is your chance to give voice to your plight after the State Meal Reimbursements were cut.  

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