Elizabeth Mitchell's "Sunny Day"

A Little Bit About Sunny Day
Sunny Day
 is just that, the perfect C.D. for a sunny summer’s day. From the moment you turn it on its a lovely reminder of the simple joys of life. This really is a C.D. every parent and child care provider should own. Each song is geared to bring happiness to the ear that are listening. Mitchell includes wonderful folk tunes, popular music and her own songs (as well as a song her daughter Storey composed). 

How Do I Use It?
The music is cheerful and fun to move to. The lyrics and melodies are simple and joyful. You and the children in your care will be singing a long in no time. I play this C.D. during outside time and offer shakers and dancing ribbons to encourage movement. It’s such an easy going C.D. though that every now and then I will have it on quietly in the morning to welcome the children to play with ease and happiness. This C.D. will bring your classroom some extra summer sunshine you will all be eager to include in your day! 

Where Can I Find It?
You can find Elizabeth Mitchell’s Sunny Day and all of her other wonderful C.D.s (I personally love You Are My Sunshine and her collaborative effort with Lisa Loeb on Catch The Moon) at www.youaremyflower.org


Summer Langille, M.A, Early Childhood Education Specializing 0-8 Years

Summer has been working with children for almost 15 years. The oldest of four she’s always seen herself as a caregiver. She started off caring for children as a nanny for many years. She received her undergraduate degree in Liberal Studies from San Francisco State University and has a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education specializing in birth to age eight from Long Beach State. She’s worked with infants all the way up to elementary aged children in center-based care, private school care, home-based care, back-up care and afterschool care. She was a lead teacher for an infant program and more recently a two year old/preschool program. She even had a brief stint as a brownie girl scout troop leader. She’s passionate about quality care for children and thinks the environment plays a large role in how a child learns effectively. She loves art, blocks, music, fairy gardens and picture books and wants all caregivers of children to know how important their job is to the children they care for. Summer is currently home with her baby, navigating this new role as Mama. She blogs about her family at www.summerplayshouse.com.