Child Care Funding Cuts Across The Board: Possibly Coming March 1

National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC): "A fair budget and a reduced deficit are important, but those goals should be met without making dramatic cuts to child care, Head Start, education, nutrition programs, or other basic needs of low- and moderate- income children and families."  Learn more about the effects of the sequestration. (National Association for Education of the Young Child, 2013)

Early Care and Education Consortium: "Congress delayed - but didn't resolve, the problem of the across-the-board cuts called "sequestration" and now the new deadline is right around the corner. On March 1, major cuts are going to take place to child care and other programs for children and families unless Congress puts a better plan in place." Learn more about the sequestration and how you can help. (Early Care and Education Consortium, 2013)

The Children's Defense Fund: If the planned sequestration cuts go into effect on March 1, 600,000 babies, toddlers and mothers will lose WIC nutrition assistance, and up to 70,000 children will lose Early Head Start and Head Start." Learn More (Children's Defense Fund, 2013)

National Women's Law Center: "Two of those programs are the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) and Head Start. If sequestration takes effect, a total of 30,000 children will lose child care and 70,000 will lose Head Start across the country."  The National Women's Law Center has an interactive map that will tell you the estimated impact of the sequestration on Child Care and Head Start in the specific state.  For example: In California the CCDBG sequester cut for 2013 is more than 13 million dollars while head start is more than 51 million.  Learn More (National Association for Education of the Young Child, 2013)

Child Care Aware of America: Sign-up for the Capitol Connection and get an overview of what is happening on all sides of the budget in "This Week's Congressional Budget Watch" in which you will get a brief rundown of the President's budget (his budget is a month behind and has called on congress to pass a balanced budget), what the republican's have to say (they want to replace the "sequester"), what congress is doing (putting together a bill) and a list of hearings with links to the webcasts.  See the week of February 11 here.(Child Care Aware of America, 2013)

First Five Years Fund: "Early Head Start (for infants and toddlers), Head Start (for preschoolers) and the Child Care and Development Block Grant all play a critical role in helping children learn and their families work. But today these programs only have the capacity to reach 2.5 million at-risk young children, just one-third of those eligible and in need of services." Learn More (First Five Years Fund, 2013)

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Samantha Marshall, M.A.

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