Water Play in The Fall

The weather is changing. It’s getting cooler. Children come to our care in long-sleeves and sometimes even sweaters and jackets. It’s fall in all it’s glory. Our days of splashing in tubs of water and exploring chunks of colored ice are over. Or are they?  I always found water play to be something extra special when the weather got cooler. You can bring a new element to water play in the fall and winter that isn't as special during the hot summer days. Fall water play is a time to bring out new and interesting materials for exploration. I recently found small and medium sized ramekins at my local swap meet and thought they would be the perfect material for some fall time water play. 

Setting up the Water Table

I like to fill my sensory bins with warm water, providing a whole new sensation for the children. Add materials to scoop, fill and pour just like you would in the summer or add some soap and sponges and initiate a tub to clean toys or other materials. I even add fall leaves or other nature walk articles like acorns or sticks to the water table. You can talk about which items float or sink or just give the items a new dimension through warm water play. 

Bring the Water Table Inside?

Absolutely!  Bring the table inside to do some science related water play with colored ice. You can take a colored ice cubes, throw them in a warm water tub and watch the colors melt and swirl around. There are so many ways to incorporate water play into your fall/winter curriculum. Water is so much fun, why not play in it all year round! 

How do YOU do water play in the fall?