Fine-Motor Holiday Activity

Here’s an easy and fun fine-motor activity you can set up in your classroom that requires little effort on the caregiver/teachers part. Plus, you can use it any time of year and jazz it up for each season or holiday. For this example, it was during the holidays, so  I used: 

  1. old wine corks, 
  2. red and green pom poms 
  3. added some containers I recycled; and
  4. some tongs. 

The children in my class loved this simple activity. 

The Activity is:

Filling up containers using the tongs as well as separating corks from pom poms.

Children are:

  • developing their fine motor skills
  • learning about colors
  • learning about texture and pattern
  • developing math skills by hearing terms like full/empty/half full/ quarter full etc. and counting the pom-poms and corks

What is your experience doing this type of activity?  What materials did you use?