Felt/Flannel Boards - An Introduction

Felt boards have always reminded me of the joy an early childhood environment can bring to a child. For many years I have used a felt board with all ages from toddlers, just learning to talk, to four and five year olds learning about letters and numbers.

The importance of felt boards in early childhood:

  • Felt boards are story telling tools that aid in learning through multiple senses
  • children hear you sing the song or tell the story
  • children see the characters on the felt board as you sing the song or tell the story
  • children can touch the felt characters and help with the story-telling or singing process
  • felt board stories aid in strengthening memory skills and re-telling of stories, all very important concepts for reading comprehension later in life.

You can capture a large group with felt stories and songs or you can use it one on one. You can even leave the felt board out with felt characters and allow imaginations to develop through children’s own storytelling.

Felt boards are often used with current books being read. These days you can usually find a felt/flannel story to go with any book. In my own classrooms, I’ve found children who may not be interested in books are usually always interested in the felt board making it easier for me, as the teacher, to get them interested in stories and story-telling. You can use the boards to teach concepts as well, cutting out shapes, numbers, letters; the list goes on. The felt board is a wonderful addition to any classroom or home learning environment.

Places to find felt board inspiration

Where to purchase felt stories (if you don’t want to make your own)

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