Nemours Inspires With The Profiles of 15 Food Program (CACFP) Community Members

By now it is no secret that the childhood obesity epidemic has garnered the nation’s attention in one way or another.  Whether it is NFL’s Play 60, Jamie Oliver showing us how much sugar is in a child’s flavored milk, the First Lady’s Let’s Move campaign or another initiative that has caught your attention the problem of childhood obesity is a national discussion. 

How are we preventing childhood obesity, now that we know it is a factor?  

Well, you have the programs listed above, national and local news coverage educating parents, taking steps to improve the school lunch program at the institutional and federal level, and then a sleeper that most have never heard about.  This sleeper program is the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP or Food Program).  Nemours has just published a paper called “Improving Early Care Obesity Prevention Through The Child and Adult Care Food Program.”

You’ll be inspired by the stories told in the report.  

The first 5 pages of the report give you a quick rundown about the food program, how the program is being updated and made better by the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act 2010 and breaks down the similarities and specifics learned from the businesses profiled.  You’ll get a good understanding of things such as:

  1. Why programs decided to take on the challenge of creating a healthier environment in their child care settings
  2. That programs felt their success was in large part due to the support from their CACFP Sponsoring and State organizations
  3. Additional tools that helped the programs succeed
  4. Solutions for cost as concern.  One of the cost saving solutions that fascinated me was negotiations with local grocer mangers!

Page 6 is When You Get To Read The Stories of These CACFP Participants Who Took The Food Program and Their Services to the Next Level! Who is profiled?

Nationwide a variety of businesses were profiled.  Their specifics are attached to their stories but here is a quick view of what you can expect.  There is a relate-able story for everyone – read them!

  • 2 CACFP Sponsors
  • 2 Family Child Care Providers
  • 3 Centers Enrollment between 20-75
  • Centers Enrollment between 76 – 200
  • Centers Enrollment greater than 2,000

Maybe these will inspire you to add something to your list of goals for the New Year! is excited to be a part of the ongoing health initiatives in our child care community.  Tell us how you might need help executing your goals and maybe we can put something together to help you out.  Read this report and get motivated to make some positive change for the kiddos we love and if you couldn't tell, the Child and Adult Care Food Program is a great place to start.

Resources:, 2013. Improving Early Care Obesity Prevention through the Child and Adult Care Food Program. Accessed on January 3, 2014.  Available at

- See more at:


Samantha Marshall, M.A.

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