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Mission Statement

ChildCareInfo.com’s mission is to bridge the gap of communication in the child care profession by enabling child care professionals, organizations and parents to interact with one another, building a cohesive knowledge base through information sharing and ultimately making that information easily accessible to the child care community as a whole.

ChildCareInfo.com, The Beginning

Minute Menu Systems is proud to provide you with a resource for  and a community around child care.  Up until now, Minute Menu’s part of the child care profession has been niche, serving  CACFP family child care sponsors, family child care providers and most recently centers with software that helps them more easily manage the details and paperwork of participating in the Child and Adult Care Food Program or running their business generally.  Tom Clark, CEO and co-founder of Minute Menu Systems, LLC, decided it was time that Minute Menu gave back to the community that has helped our business thrive by providing you with a valuable and free resource in child care. With this mission in mind, we’ve created ChildCareInfo.com

ChildCareInfo.com, The Growth Spurt

Once Minute Menu decided to move forward with our exciting new project, we sent out a survey to family child care providers and CACFP sponsors.  These surveys were a resounding success!  Great suggestions gave us an incredible jump start to building ChildCareInfo.com.  Thanks to our respondents we had a good idea of providers and sponsors big pain points,what they already use and what they would like to see on a resource site.  Thousands of providers also indicated they wanted to be a part of the development, which was much higher than expected!  Unfortunately we haven’t been able to communicate with all of the volunteers but  we have been working with many of them as development progresses.  A community just for child care has been a commonly mentioned necessity, and after the excellent participation I’ve seen in our development group, I have no doubt ChildCareInfo.com’s forums are going to be fantastic and informational! 

There is wonderful and useful information on the Internet that has to do with child care, early childhood development, and child nutrition– ranging from government sites to organizational sites to individuals sharing their expertise and passion.  Who has time to search for it, read it and really pinpoint what you are looking for?  If you thought, “I sure don’t!” you aren’t alone.  ChildCareInfo.com is going to do its best to save you time, by giving you one place to start your search for the child care information you want to find.

Into Adulthood

ChildCareInfo.com is a dynamic product that’s growing and changing as we hear back from you!  The success of this project is that we developed it with you and that we’re going to grow it with you.  Help us nurture ChildCareInfo.com, and we can continue to contribute to child care excellence together!