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Centers Learning Opportunities
FEMA - Prep for Disasters
  "This course covers the steps to help childcare providers prepare for incidents to ensure the safety of the children at their site. Childcare providers must have plans and procedures to keep children safe from everyday hazards and to respond and recover when an emergency happens.

The goal of this..
TIPS For Child Care Institute
  "Since 2003 our training institute has proven our commitment to provide on-going child development training services for child care providers/specialist, in-home family caretakers, the residential child care community, adoptive, foster and biological parents as an affordable yet quality solution." ..
Lunch and Learn Webinar Series from Child Care Aware of America
  Free 30 minute webinars with a focus toward policy and policy change in child care.
Military Families e-Learning Courses: Zero to Three
  Coming Together Around Military Families: Zero to Three has an e-Learning program to help with the "unique challenges" faced by the military family with young children.
Zero to Three: National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families
  Podcasts created and recorded by the National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families. Find everything you could want to know about infants and toddlers on the Zero to Three, National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families.
Child Care Education Institute
  Find online child care professional development courses that are self paced and accredited.
(Minnesota) Eager to Learn: For People Who Care For Children
  For the State of Minnesota, Eager-to-Learn has online classes for those who care for children that last anywhere from 3-6 weeks for CEUs.
Motivate Teachers
  Learn to motivate your staff, get rid of workplace drama and keep your staff happy by Motivate Teachers: The Staff Motivation Solution for Child Care Directors and Owners.
Child Care World Wide Institute
  Child Care World Wide Institute offers child care training in the areas of child development and business development. They are web-based and world wide.
Let's Move Child Care
  Learn how to make your child care environment healthier. Help you use the wealth of resources on the website.
Let's Move Child Care
  Learn how to make your child care environment healthier. Help you use the wealth of resources on the website.
Mary Schroeder, B.S. Early Childhood, Regular and Exceptional Needs
  Mary Schroeder has a B.S. in Early Childhood in regular and exceptional needs from the University of Wisconsin, is a Master trainer listed in The Registry in Wisconsin, is a consultant and offers classes at her center as well.
Child Care Lounge
  The Child Care Lounge offers online child care trainings for you to complete at your own pace!
(Wisconsin) The Registry: T-Net, Training Network
  Access a catalog of a wide variety of web-based or in-person trainings in Wisconsin to enhance quality child care through continuing education.
National Food Service Management Institute (NFSMI)
  NFSMI offers Online courses that count for CEUs in child care, child nutrition, food safety, special needs and wellness. They also offer many different free webinars.
Minute Menu CX - For Centers
  The Minute Menu CX Learning Center offers a variety of different ways to learn about Minute Menu's software, CX, which supports the successful administration of the Child and Adult Care Food Program.
Cindy Rzasa Bess, PhD
  Dr. Rzasa is a published author and national speaker. Dr. Rzasa does presentations on topics of child development, early childhood education as well as parenting and family dynamics.
Child Care Development Services, CCDSMETRO
  "This website has been developed by child care trainers especially for you, the child care professional. You told us you needed the ABC’s of quality training, Affordable, Beneficial, and Convenient." - Child Care Training-To-Go, Child Care Development Services
QRIS National Learning Network
  Webinars focused on different uses, benefits and implentations of the QRIS system.
Pennsylvania Department of Education
  "The PA Department of Education with the Chester County Intermediate Unit are pleased to offer these upcoming webinars. Webinars are free of charge to all Pennsylvania Educators." - PA Department of Education

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