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Countdown to CACFP Week 2014!   Let's make CACFP Week 2014 the biggest it's ever been! That means we can't forget about it so start with sharing this countdown. You can even embed it in your website, click the black button next to the Facebook Share button and you can get the code to embed it.
Child Care Professional Blog   Updated posts about the Child and Adult Care Food Program policy and resources as well as the entire child care industry. Learn about the community around you and find great things to share with your colleagues and providers.
Contests   Contests for child care providers and sponsors. Submit entries, have people vote and win a little prize!
Recipes   Need a new recipe for your newsletter? Want to direct your providers to a place to look for more recipe ideas? This is the perfect place for you. You can sort by meal type or something to cook with the kids...See for yourself!
Business Help   Looking to increase your leadership or business skills? Want to know more about the free resources the internet has to offer you? Learn about those things here!
State Licensing and CACFP Home Pages   Access your state's home pages for the Child and Adult Care Food Program and child care licensing.
Food Groups Education   Great information and resources to share about food groups with your providers including books and activities providers can do with the children to teach them.
CACFP - Information about the Child and Adult Care Food Program   Current events, blog posts, history and stories about the Child and Adult Care Food Program.
Marketplace   Do you have a side business that has to do with child care you would like to advertise? Or a product that you are accepting donations for? Do it here.
Ask Questions, Get Answers   Talk to your fellow sponsors nationwide and find out how they balance the many tasks you and your food program have to manage. Processing claims, making sure you submit your claim to the state on time, sending out checks, keeping up on your nutritional education resources to give to providers, crea..

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