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Meal Planning Articles and Information
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Food Groups   Curious about why the food groups are so important and how you can incorporate teaching the children of the importance? This is the place for you. Jill Latham, MS Nutrition, Food Science and Dietetics breaks down the food groups for you. Resources from NFSMI help you learn about them with the children. Books about each food group and activities!
Portion Sizing for Our Children   Check out the blog post by our very own nutrition contributor, Jill Latham, pertaining to portion sizes including, Measuring a Portion Size, Helping Kids Learn about Portion Sizes and Controlling Portion Sizes when out and about!
Washy Washy Clean Your Hands   The song, Washy Washy Clean Your Hands...with visuals and words to follow along.
Nutrition & Wellness Tips for Young Children: Provider Handbook for the Child and Adult Care Food Program   Looking for ways to better engage children with healthy food and physical activity? Well, look no further. You can use the Nutrition and Wellness Tips for Young Children: Provider Handbook for the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). This handy manual, with easy-to-use tip sheets, is perfect to help you serve healthy plates and keep children moving. The best part? Order print copies and get them delivered to you completely free! Providers, CACFP Sponsoring Organizations, State Agenci..
Kids and Gardens   Gardens? Kids? Child Care? Family? Gardening with kids in the child care environment and at home find resources just for you right here.
Menus for Children   Looking for menu ideas for the kids? Find a meal or a whole day with links to recipes! Menus created with family child care environments in mind.
See What a Family of 4 Eats Around the World   A visual depiction of what a family of 4 purchases from the grocery store around the world. Pretty neat to see.
Coupons!   Looking for some deals on food or other household items? You might be able to find some coupons for just what you're looking for here. Try it out!
Interactive Meal Planner - Nourish Interactive Website   NourishInteractive.com has an interactive meal planner, games for children and other great nutritional resources.
Submit Your Own Recipes!   Want to share your "kid-approved" recipes with the child care community! Do it here. Fun and healthy would be great!
Recipes!   Looking for some new recipes?! Find some kid friendly ones here!
Healthy Beverages for Kids   With Gatorade and other supposed "healthy" juices and drinks, what is an adult to do when providing the child in their care a tasty beverage? This article has some tips and hints and gives you an idea of what to do when it comes to giving the kids something to drink!
Food Safety Recalls   Find the latest Food Safety Recalls as well as links to additional information from FoodSafety.gov

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