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Exercise and Movement Gives You...
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Abby Cadabby and Elmo Exercise with Drums   Abby and Elmo learn how to compromise while exercising
Share Your Gardening Experiences, Ideas and Resources! From indoor container gardens to small plots of land....SHARE!   Share your gardening story. Or have you come across some good blog posts or interesting article about gardening with the children. How about different ways to use community gardens? Share, Share, Share your gardening experience. Nothing is too small, you do important things.
Gardening With Kids Blogs   Blog posts from all over the web about gardening with children. Over 60 blog posts all in one place! Find out personal experiences of how others garden with the children.
Physical Activity Books - From Food and Nutrition List for Preschoolers   Check out these great physical activity books written so the kids will want to get moving! They link straight to amazon too so it makes it easier to learn more about the books and even purchase if you'd like.
Kids and Gardens   Gardens? Kids? Child Care? Family? Gardening with kids in the child care environment and at home find resources just for you right here.
Celebrate Earth Day and Get Those Kids Moving with this Song   "Clap your hands if you like the air, the clouds and the birds you see..." Easy to sing along that has the kids clap their hands, pat their heads, wiggle and jump up and down!! Fun way to celebrate Earth Day and do some movement.
Books to Move With!   Books that Move You from Head Start Body Start. Find quick links to books that Head Start Body Start suggests as great books to move you.
Leaping Lilly Pad   Leaping LillyPads, HSBS Activity. Get some Hula Hoops and Some Open Space and Play Leaping LillyPads!
List of Simple Ways to Get Moving   List of 15 SIMPLE ways to Get Moving. Example: Blow bubbles outdoors…
Get Moving Today Activity Calendar!   Get Moving Activity Calendar. A little movement each day! Find Head Start Body Start’s Daily Activity calendar. Great simple ideas to keep moving!

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